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Changing the way we tell stories, supporting government reporting, and the Weather Channel is infusing climate coverage into its programs.

Photo courtesy of The Weather Channel (and Variety)
Photo courtesy of The Weather Channel (and Variety)

Reinventing Local TV News Part III: The Case for Changing the Way You Tell Stories

So much local news coverage is tied to the news cycle at a time when audiences are also expecting insights, context, impact, and an understanding of stories as they unfold.

Local News Ideas-to-Action Series

The American Press Institute is launching a new effort to support accountability and government reporting that better prioritizes the needs of local communities.

We need to complicate the “save local news” mantra

“It’s not that nobody wants to read local news; it’s just that not enough people do to make it a viable business.”

Weather Channel’s New Forecast: More Viewers Want Climate Change News (EXCLUSIVE)

Over the next several months, the Weather Channel plans to infuse climate coverage into its morning, afternoon and even entertainment programs.

Nonprofit journalism grew in 2020 — and individual donors played an increasingly large part

Despite the chaos and uncertainty of 2020, it was a year of journalistic and financial growth for the nonprofit news industry.

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