Recommended Reads for Journalists

How to make a better news story working solo, the newsroom animator experiment, and the business of TV news.

Image courtesy: TV News Check
Image courtesy: TV News Check

How To Make A Better News Story Working Solo

WXIA Chief Investigative Reporter Brendan Keefe explains how to bring creative storytelling and novel visuals to standups, day turns and investigative stories.

Reinventing Local TV News Part II: The newsroom animator experiment

RTDNA teamed up with WLS-TV ABC7 Chicago and WCVB-TV NewsCenter 5 Boston, helping them hire animators for one-year fellowships with the support of the Stanton Foundation.

Op-ed: Quality TV news could be a casualty of the streaming wars

Tom Rogers, the first president of NBC Cable, lays out the quandary for the TV news business in light of cord-cutting and increased competition.

Ted Williams proved local news can be profitable. Now, he’ll try to replicate the success for Axios

There’s been a glut of new initiatives focused on newsletters and local news. One of the most promising of the bunch is Axios Local.

Latinx, POC and BIPOC are words trying to solve a bigger problem in journalism

How can journalists report on whole groups that are splintered by how they identify?

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