Recommended Reads for Journalists

What we learned from remote journalism, YouTube is trying to help journalists, and 5 reasons to be optimistic about local news.

Research: More stations produced more local news than ever during 2020

2020 saw a record amount of local TV news for the second year in a row. In addition, a record number of stations are running local news.

What newsrooms learned in one year of remote journalism

The pandemic pushed media organizations out of their newsrooms and drastically changed several aspects of the journalism profession.

How the role of personal expression and experience is changing journalism

KGO’s Dion Lim was also featured in our recent story about ABC’s reporting on race and culture.

5 reasons to be a little bit optimistic about local news

When it comes to local news, Kristen Hare gives you five reasons to dust off your inner optimist.

Exclusive: YouTube spending $7 million on 2 new journalism programs

YouTube is spending $7 million to fund two new programs to help journalists looking to build an audience on YouTube.

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