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Nexstar's next hill, partisan divides widen, and how to make the most of connections started during journalism conventions.

Illustration courtesy @pch-vector on Freepik
Illustration courtesy @pch-vector on Freepik

Nexstar Climbs A New Hill

Nexstar’s Perry Sook is pushing ahead steadily with NewsNation, despite its birthing pains and widespread skepticism about the need for yet another cable news network.

Partisan divides in media trust widen, driven by a decline among Republicans

This partisan gap is the largest of any time that this question has been asked since 2016.

You’ve gone to a journalism convention. What now?

Check out three key things you can do to make the most of connections that started during a convention.

Ex-Iowa anchor hopes her age bias lawsuit changes TV news

A year after WHO-TV abruptly let her go, Sonya Heitshusen is turning those skills on her former employer with a lawsuit challenging what she calls a widespread practice of removing older, female staffers from the air because of their looks.

Delta Be Damned, RTDNA Presses On With Live Conference

RTDNA will be the first industry group to mount an in-person conference in Denver, where they hope to reinvent its event format with more hands-on learning and some desperately needed face-to-actual-face time with industry peers.

Sincerely, Leaders of Color: How to (not) ask for help finding applicants for your program or job

Building out a team means much more than writing a job description to fill a vacancy. You have to design for the hires you want to make.

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