Recommended Reads for Journalists

What can we do about the unreality crisis, an updated disability language style guide, and "Unmasking America" from Arizona PBS.

What can journalists do about the Unreality Crisis?

Call it the Unreality Crisis in America, and it is now as significant an existential challenge to journalism as the search for a new business model.

More Americans now say government should take steps to restrict false information online than in 2018

Americans are now a bit more open to the idea of the U.S. government taking steps to restrict false information online. And a majority of the public continues to favor technology companies taking such action.

NCDJ releases updated disability language style guide

The guide offers information and advice on nearly 100 commonly used words or terms — from “able-bodied” to “wheelchair-bound.”

New tool allows NPR to track source diversity in real time

For each story, reporters, producers, correspondents and editors submit information about their sources’ race and ethnicity, gender identity, geographic location and age range.

Top journalism students examine pandemic’s effects in ‘Unmasking America’

For “Unmasking America,” a team of student journalists investigated disparities in policies and practices that intensified under COVID-19 and may persist.

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