Recommended Reads for Journalism Professionals

Covering climate change at the local level, reporting inclusion concerns in the newsrooms, and an audience-first approach to social media.

Local Media Association announces launch of climate collaborative

Local Media Association announced a partnership with leaders in journalism and climate science to create a news collaborative focused on covering the impacts of climate change at the local level, and ways communities can take action.

How The Journal News reinvented its coverage of Yonkers, N.Y., rebuilt trust and grew subscriptions

Refocus your community coverage to build trust and cultivate new, diverse audiences — growing subscriptions along the way.

The NABJ Media Monitoring Team launched a private reporting system to capture concerns related to diversity, equity or inclusion in newsrooms

The NABJ Media Industry Monitoring created a form where you can share information related to diversity, equity or inclusion in newsrooms, media organizations or media companies.

How Biden’s women-led communications team plans to rebuild trust with the American people

Members of the presidential press office spoke about uniting a country faced with a pandemic, a crippled economy, climate change and racial inequality.

An audience-first approach: Cultivating community through social media video

In order to successfully reach and engage this audience, legacy news organizations must shift their thinking to prioritize the experience of the audience.

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