Recommended Reads for Journalism Professionals

Three ways the media can vanquish the Big Lie, when misinformation goes viral, and questions for your newsroom when a giant story unfolds.

Three ways the media can vanquish the Big Lie that will linger even after Trump is gone

“Journalists, if they take their core mission seriously, should think hard about how they’re going to confront this Big Lie, as it’s become known.”

Pandemic and Current Events Stoking Young Audience Appetite for Local TV News

Spurred on by the events of the past year, growth by age for news has sky-rocketed year-on-year by as much as 100% among 18 to 24-year-olds.

Newsroom Notes: 4 questions for your newsroom when a giant national story unfolds

The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute is providing a first-hand view (and maybe a little advice) from an industry veteran who agreed to lead the KOMU newsroom during a faculty search process—just as the COVID-19 crisis began unfolding.

When misinformation goes viral, local news can be an antidote

Those who get their news primarily online are among the least trusting of news and the least knowledgeable about or engaged in current affairs.

How we know the drop in Trump’s approval rating in January reflected a real shift in public opinion

The decrease stood out because even some of the momentous events of the past four years did not affect Trump’s approval rating very much.

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