Recommended Reads for Journalism Professionals

Measuring news consumption in the digital era, and newsrooms at MSNBC and the Miami Herald will be run by Black women for the first time.

In Election 2020, How did the media, electoral process fare? Republicans, Democrats Disagree

The study reveals that, while most believe the U.S. news media and democratic institutions met the challenges of the 2020 election campaign, skepticism runs deep among many Americans.

Measuring News Consumption in a Digital Era

The news media’s transition to digital has brought major upheaval to the industry — including a multitude of new providers and ways to get to news.

How journalists learned to stop worrying and love the audience

The audience turn in journalism: from concerns about “quality” to an embrace of “innovation”.

The newsrooms at both MSNBC and the Miami Herald will be run by Black women for the first time

MSNBC announced Monday that Rashida Jones will be the network’s president, while the Miami Herald announced Monica Richardson will be executive editor.

Report for America announces more than 300 reporter positions in 2021

Report for America unveils more than sixty new newsroom partners—including a doubling of Black and Hispanic owned media—and opens the application window for new reporters.

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