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The future of journalism is on the ground, the moral case for diversity in newsrooms, and will reporters be considered front-line workers?

The future of journalism is on the ground

In an age of corporate media, hyperpartisanship, and alternative facts, the young journalists from Report for America spread into little and middle America to do some old-fashioned shoe leather reporting.

Will journalists be considered front-line workers for COVID-19 vaccines?

The National Press Photographers Association filed a request asking that journalists who have direct contact with the public on a regular basis be expressly included in the phase of the COVID-19 vaccine that includes the essential and critical infrastructure workforce.

The moral case for diversity in newsrooms also makes good business sense

The business case for diversity and inclusion in newsrooms is important, but emphasizing the moral case is required for real and lasting change.

I climbed a ‘virtual Everest’ to support local journalism – Here’s what I learned

“Journalists know this! I applied that to my quest, and took my followers along for the ride.”

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