Recommended Reads for Journalism Professionals

Ways to bridge polarizing conversations, rebuilding local newsrooms and taking time out for mental health.

Five ways to bridge polarizing conversations

What if journalists didn’t simply parrot knee-jerk opposing viewpoints, but instead covered controversial issues differently?

Coronavirus-Driven Downturn Hits Newspapers Hard as TV News Thrives

With many people subject to stay-at-home orders in the spring, Americans were watching cable TV news in greater numbers.

Now we need to rebuild local newsrooms

Last week’s election underscored—once again—the fundamental role of local newsrooms in democratic societies.

Protecting Your Devices — and Your Privacy — During Protests

If you’re participating in—or reporting on—protests, keep in mind that any devices you bring are susceptible to damage, loss, or surveillance.

Take a time out for mental health

A new 4-week guided series shared by RTDNA is designed to give you a quick mental health break and tools you can practice regularly to combat fatigue and stress.

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