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How to cover Election Day and beyond, and a news site led by women of color focuses on marginalized voices.

How to cover Election Day and beyond

Elections in a democracy are just as much about convincing the loser that he or she actually lost—and that the process was free, fair, and secure enough that the loser can accept the result as legitimate.

Prism, a news site led by women of color, centers the voices of marginalized people in its reporting

“If you’re going to shift narratives in this country, you need people to actually read what you’re doing.”

NBCLX Goes Bold For Next-Gen Audiences

LX made its debut on its own site and on social channels with wide-ranging story experiments in story length, style and aesthetics. NBCU’s investment in the project deepened soon thereafter. And you can read our report from this summer on LX’s linear news programs here.

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