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A new study shows how Trump and the RNC duped traditional media into covering mail-in voter fraud

“To the extent that the mass media model we identify here is the primary driver of information disorder, it will not be cured by more fact checking on Facebook.”

Four in five Americans concerned misinformation will influence election

As the nation prepares to go to the polls in less than a month, Americans are widely concerned that misinformation on social media will sway the 2020 election outcome.

Raising the stakes to ensure local news thrives

A new $2.23 million Knight Foundation investment will support the UNC Center for Innovation and Sustainability in Local News and Table Stakes Newsroom Initiative.

ProPublica to Launch New Regional Units in the South and Southwest; ProPublica Illinois to Expand to Midwest Regional Newsroom

ProPublica announced that it is dramatically scaling up its commitment to local investigative journalism with the launch of three regional reporting hubs.

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