Recommended Reads for Journalism Professionals

2020 stories that had the greatest impact, grasping the urgency of community roots, and what makes journalism more joyous.

Local journalists on their 2020 stories that had the greatest impact

Big changes, small changes. These are some of the many local stories that made a difference.

Local news is struggling to survive, even when we need it more than ever

Most Americans believe local news outlets are doing fine financially. Yet less than 1 in 6 subscribe to keep them afloat.

Local news orgs grasp the urgency of community roots

Local media will recognize in 2021 that, in order to be trusted and sustainable, they will need to operationalize their whole organization around understanding who their local community is, and what news and information offerings that community wants and needs.

Local arts and music make journalism more joyous

Arts and music drive conversations, encourage economic impact through travel and exploration, and bridge the gap between languages and cultures.

U.S. Congress agrees to expand payroll assistance to local news outlets

Congressional leaders said that lawmakers agreed to expand forgivable government loans to additional struggling local news outlets as part of a $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill.

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