Recommended Reads for Journalists

When media narratives collapse, the Local Journalism Sustainability Act, and what common journalism lingo actually means.

Paper vector created by freepik
Paper vector created by freepik

When All The Media Narratives Collapse

“The job of journalists is to do as best they can, day by day, and respond swiftly when they screw up, correct the record, and move forward.”

Television Station Owners On The Bread Line: Not A Good Look

If passed, the Local Journalism Sustainability Act would see the federal government subsidizing the hiring of local reporters and newsroom employees via tax credits.

‘On background’ is common journalism lingo. What does it mean?

A source should ask a reporter first if something can be off the record. Then the reporter can agree or refuse.

Public access television channels are an untapped resource for building local journalism

As local journalism’s commercial model continues to collapse, public and nonprofit media institutions can serve as informational safety nets.

Journalism in middle America got communities through the pandemic

“By talking to journalists in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana, our project pushed back against this tendency to ignore the middle of the nation and its important journalism.”

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