Recommended Reads for Journalists

How AI can help overworked newsrooms, a new kind of journalism, and creating alternative paths for young journalists.

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How AI can help overworked journalists and deliver better journalism

For news businesses already impacted by layoffs over the past decade, adopting targeted artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies can augment the work of reporters and producers and free them up from repetitive tasks.

How the 2020 election sparked a new kind of journalism

Votebeat reporter Michael Falero talked directly to his fellow journalists who made up the first cohort of Votebeat reporters, to find out what they learned, the stories they uncovered, and what it was like to report on an election like no other.

It’s time to create an alternative path into a journalism career

We need to expand the pool of people who can enter the industry, and an idea from K-12 education might help.

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