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Image courtesy: Hearst
Image courtesy: Hearst "Live Local"

Hearst TV Launches Free ‘Very Local’ Streaming Channels in 26 Markets

The debut of Very Local comes after several months of Hearst TV quietly piloting the free, ad-supported service.

Skeptics or cynics? Age determines how Americans view the news media

A new analysis of data reveals that age is an important differentiator in understanding the complexities of Americans’ trust in and perceptions of the news media.

Young people think it’s “very important” for news organizations to link out to their facts and research. Older people don’t care as much.

New data reveals trust in the media varies by age.

Pew: Sizable Portion of U.S. Use Social Media for News

“Despite growing concerns about the amount of misleading information on social media, almost one-third of Americans surveyed get news from Facebook and a sizable number from other sites.”

CBS to Phase Out CBSN Name for News Streaming Service

CBS News intends to phase out the CBSN moniker later this year and give its streaming effort the same identity its other products have: CBS News.

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