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TV forecasters are becoming climate educators, the Local Journalism Sustainability Act, and why the future of TV news won’t be on TV.

Image courtesy: freepik
Image courtesy: freepik

Amid Local News Death Narratives, There’s An Opportunity For TV

So, is local news dying? Old mentalities are certainly dying, but only because new ones are being born.

In era of weather extremes, TV forecasters become climate educators

Over recent years, the percentage of those weathercasters concerned with climate change has increased rapidly, moving closer in line with the attitudes of climate scientists overall.

The future of TV news won’t be on TV

Older generations are more likely to value and watch news, but they are more likely to pull out of viewing as time goes on.

Some questions (and answers) about the Local Journalism Sustainability Act

If the proposed legislation becomes law, it would offer substantial help to many local newsrooms at a critical time.

For local journalists, there’s nowhere to hide from trauma

Increased attention has been paid to the trauma of journalism in recent years, more so since the pandemic hit.

InvestigateTV Debuts Weekly News Program

Gray Television’s investigative team is launching a weekly show across the group’s stations in 102 markets.

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