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The state of the news media, humanizing reporters with the Local Live(s) Project, and fighting Covid misinformation.

Thumbnail courtesy of Columbia Journalism Review
Thumbnail courtesy of Columbia Journalism Review

6 key takeaways about the state of the news media in 2020

Here are some key findings about the state of the news industry in 2020, according to Pew Research Center that tracks key audience and economic indicators.

Local News Is Our Best Weapon Against Covid Misinformation

The collapse of local news is a significant reason why an uninformed citizenry has lately been disrupting democratic governance.

More chain-owned news organizations are returning to local ownership

Local investors are buying news outlets from large chains and seek to reverse what they see as decades of disinvestment.

Journalists share the stories behind their stories with virtual storytelling collective Local Live(s)

The Local Live(s) project humanizes reporters by putting them onstage

THE Local Live(s) project launched during the pandemic, partnering with newsrooms to host live online events in which journalists talk about their work.

ProPublica Reporting Projects Recognized for Outstanding Environmental Reporting

The reporting team examined ownership and tax data to determine that a series of state tax cuts for the timber industry cost counties at least $3 billion in the past three decades.

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