Recommended Reads for Journalists

Ideas for the future of local news, The Uproot Project, and AAJA encourages newsrooms to empower AAPI journalists.

Photo courtesy of The Uproot Project
Photo courtesy of The Uproot Project

Build for a crisis: Ideas for the future of local news

“We believe for local news to have a future, it has to be built for people when they truly need information before it is built for people when they are just curious.”

Seeing through a new Prism

Started in June 2019 by a staff composed entirely of women of color, Prism soon found itself covering intersecting crises—a pandemic that all disproportionately devastated communities of color.

A group of climate journalists are launching The Uproot Project to support environmental journalists of color

The Uproot Project, a collective network of and for environmental journalists of color that’s launching this month.

AAJA Encourages Newsrooms to Empower AAPI Journalists and Their Expertise

On behalf of our broadcast members nationwide, the Broadcast Advisory Council of the AAJA urges newsrooms to empower their Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) journalists by recognizing both the unique value they bring to the coverage of the Atlanta shootings and the invisible labor they regularly take on, especially in newsrooms where they are severely underrepresented.

The meaning of Amanda Gorman

When journalists regularly acknowledge Black women and their strides in every sector, the reporting helps to dismantle white supremacy and patriarchy in one fell swoop.

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