Our 5 Most Popular Stories on News Innovation Since Labor Day

(They’re not leftovers if you haven’t had a taste yet.)

Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday from all of us at the Knight-Cronkite News Lab!

We’ll be back with new reporting for you next week, but today we thought we’d offer links to our five most popular stories since Labor Day, in case you missed any of them.

1. Reporting that hits people where they live — by people who live there too

This report on the ABC Stations’ Community Journalist program, which embeds young reporters in under-represented neighborhoods, is our top story this fall. That’s good news for us, because it’s the first in a recurring series on next-generation storytelling. Next week, you’ll meet the “Visual Storytellers” of NBC’s new LX project.

2. Reddit or Not

Jill Ryan’s widely read case study, on the best and worst ways for TV newsrooms to use
Reddit, grew out of our Social Media Spotlight franchise.

3. A New York station tries to re-invent the late news

A risk-taking news director at Univision’s New York station challenges his team to re-imagine one of local TV’s most enduring formats.

4. Lessons from a year on the front lines of innovation

Based on our first year of research here at the Lab, here are five takeaways from newsrooms trying to make substantive changes.

5. Multilingual reporting for an increasingly bilingual audience

Photo by Ethan Gilchrist

Why choose between English and Spanish when more and more of your viewers use both? Our “Chief Experiments Officer” Frank Mungeam shares a muy buena idéa for your newsroom and shows you how it worked in ours.

There you have it — our five most widely read reports since Labor Day. Of course, there’s lots more to read here at the Lab, and lots more case studies to come.

In the meantime, again, warm Thanksgiving wishes from all of us to all of you and your families.

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Frank Mungeam
Alicia Barrón
Jill Ryan

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