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LMA’s Center for Journalism Funding names 16 participants in first lab cohort

The lab has two goals: drive at least $2.25 million in funding for journalism projects for the 16 publishers combined, and publish an extensive industry playbook on funding journalism through philanthropy.

American Press Institute introduces 2020 Table Stakes coaches

The innovative yearlong program, supported by the Knight-Lenfest Local News Transformation Fund, helps news leaders transform their organizations’ journalism and business through intensive change management training.

How Covid-19 Has Changed Beat Reporting

As the coronavirus spread across the country, local news outlets reacted to the economic disruption with pay cuts, layoffs and furloughs. They also made a pivot in how they covered the news.

6 closer looks into the pandemic’s impact on minorities and the poor

Six months into the coronavirus pandemic, its uneven impact has been thoroughly reported. Here are ideas that can be reported almost anywhere.

Escape, education, aspiration: What do rich and poor people want from lifestyle journalism?

Rich and poor people have different expectations of lifestyle journalism. But some of what they want is the same.