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Americans are losing faith in an objective media. A new Gallup/Knight study explores why.

The gap is growing between what Americans expect from the news and what they think they are getting.

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing networks to reinvent TV election coverage

“Calibrating the number of personnel needed to cover events while being mindful of health protocols has become the focus of TV news executives as they try to plan for what they consider the most consequential presidential election in decades.”

Meet The 19th*, a new gender and politics news organization by women and for women

The 19th’s name comes from the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The asterisk shows the work left to be done.

Introducing the Correx tool — and two case studies

News Co/Lab is happy to report that their journalism corrections tool — helping news organizations send story corrections and major updates down the same social media paths as the original stories — is now in the field for testing.

News at 11: Kid Reporters Tackle the Coronavirus

“I started a Covid-themed newspaper for the children in my neighborhood. It turned into a global outlet for youth journalism—and no-parents-allowed tips for acquiring candy.”