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Local TV News May Never Be the Same

The ongoing coronavirus crisis has universally disrupted newsrooms, and most local TV news directors expect the disruption to be long-lasting.

Coronavirus Pandemic Puts a Bright Spotlight on Value of Local TV

“Survey after survey by Pew Research Center and others confirm that nearly half the country still gets most of its news, especially local news, from TV outlets.”

How can local newsrooms cover the coronavirus and offer a break from it? Like this.

This is something any local newsroom could do along with local musicians and bands.

Their college year upended, Gen Z journalists keep breaking news on coronavirus (some from home)

“For the first time, the editors of the Cavalier Daily — the student newspaper at the University of Virginia — were having to plan out their issue via webcam.”

Remembering Maria Mercader, CBS News journalist for three decades

CBS News mourns the loss of Maria Mercader, a network veteran who covered breaking news for nearly three decades and helped shape strategy for correspondents and reporters.