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Report for America, the nonprofit organization that helps support journalists in so-called “news deserts” and on under-covered beats around the country, just announced that it will have reporters in 164 local newsrooms next year, including 12 local television newsrooms — 9 commercial and 3 public. The commercial stations are all from Scripps, Charter and Capitol. Last summer, we told you about the first local TV operation to welcome a Report for America journalist: Spectrum News in Buffalo. Read the Report for America release about the new crop of journalists here.

When did routine bad weather become such big news?

“Bad weather on Thanksgiving week can be stressful in the best of circumstances. But this week’s outbreak of TV weather hysteria was a sight to behold.”

Publishers reach audiences with social media, newsletters and even calendars. What about text messages?

Until recently, journalists were focused on the major platforms — newspapers, TV channels, radio stations and websites.