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High School Student Views on the First Amendment: Trends in the 21st Century

Read the report. The Future of the First Amendment survey series with U.S. high school students takes on increasing importance each year, generating a unique body of evidence that connects to emerging questions in popular culture and policymaking around online speech, journalistic freedom, extreme forms of expression, and personal privacy, among other important issues.

Partisan divide seen in how local news should be propped up

The nation’s partisan divide is evident when Americans are asked about what should be done to help the nation’s struggling local news industry.

The latest from the Reinventing Local TV News Project at Northeastern University: a new wave of visual experiments challenges conventional TV wisdom

And here’s our report on an earlier research project from the same group.

One woman’s take on TV news

“Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project” tells the story of a Philadelphia woman who recorded television non-stop accumulating 70,000 VHS tapes.