5 of our most-read stories on local newsroom innovation in 2020

Covering the pandemic and protests against racism; a bid to re-invent the 6 p.m. news; and five culture-killing phrases you may want to ban from your newsroom.

As you head into the holiday weekend, we thought you might enjoy catching up on some of the most popular stories that we’ve published so far in 2020 — and that you may have missed the first time around.

We continue to report on the many ripple effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the significant work station groups are doing in response: here’s a project we think will have lasting impact.

Will The Rebound Change TV News Even After COVID-19 Is Gone?

Frank Mungeam’s story on five “culture-killing” phrases to avoid has great advice for any newsroom leader who wants to promote innovation: it’s not too late to stop saying these things!

5 Culture-Killing Phrases Smart Newsrooms Will Stop Saying in 2020

Frank also reported on meteorologists’ intensifying focus on climate change, a different global crisis that the pandemic has put in the shade: here’s his “forecast” for weather reporting.

Forecasting the Future of Weather Reporting

We told you how Portland’s KGW is re-inventing the 6 p.m. newscast with a solo anchor, fewer stories, more audience involvement, and greater transparency: check out the story behind The Story.

“The Biggest Risk of All” — Transforming a Legacy Newscast

And finally, against the backdrop of nationwide protests against racial injustice, seven thoughtful news leaders weighed in on evolving interpretations of journalistic “authenticity” and objectivity.

Can a Reporter be ‘Authentic’ and Objective at the Same Time?

Have a great Independence Day weekend — we’ll see you next week at the Lab!

Andrew Heyward

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